Ross Coffee Table - finn juhl
Finn juhl - ross table

Ross Coffee Table 1948

Ross Coffee Table 1948

Ross Coffee Table

A large share of Finn Juhl’s designs was commissioned work - often as part of his business as a renowned interior designer. The Ross Coffee Table is no different. It was the result of a commission in 1948 by the well-known Danish law professor Alf Ross.

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About the Ross Coffee Table

The design is extremely exciting: its delicate steel frame, kidney-shaped top, steel inlay with a built-in vase must have been particularly unconventional and modern in its day. 

The table is manufactured in stainless or stained steel with a wooden table top in teak, oak or walnut.

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Finn Juhl


1948, relaunched in 2000


Frame in stainless steel with wooden toes
Tabletop in walnut or teak
Incl. vase in stainless steel


Size: L 120cm x W 30/60cm x H 58cm