House of Finn Juhl

Click and flick through the pages of the entire main catalogue by House of Finn Juhl.
Along with a bunch of inspiring, captivating images, this catalogue tells the story about each Finn Juhl design relaunched in our furniture collection and you can see information about e.g. the materials and sizes available as well.
Among these are of course iconic furniture pieces like the Chieftain Chair, the Poet Sofa, the 45 Chair and the Pelican Chair, but as you flick through the catalogue you might even notice something new…
Finn Juhl was one of the most iconic Danish furniture designers and we are proud to be able to pass on his design heritage, not only in Scandinavia but to passionate customers all over the world. 
“The craftsman’s ability to form is probably the same as that of a sculptor. A chair is not a product of decorative art in space; it is a form and a space in itself” – Finn Juhl
Below you can download the catalogue as a pdf to save and restore on your own device.
Happy reading!