Finn Juhl - Cocktail Table
Finn Juhl - Cocktail Table

Cocktail Table 1951

Cocktail Table 1951

Cocktail Table

Finn Juhl’s Cocktail Table was designed for Baker Furniture in the United States to match the sculptural Baker Sofa.

The economy was booming in the US during the 1950s. Hollywood and the new upper class had made cocktail parties immensely popular and Finn Juhl was readily impressed by this newfound American extravagance, which he got to experience through his new and influential American friends.

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About the Cocktail Table

The elegant, three-legged coffee table is a further development of his earlier eye-shaped table, but as the expression goes, "everything has to be bigger in America". Despite its size, and thanks to its organic shape, with no sharp corners, the table allows for free movement around it.

The Cocktail Table is light and elegant with refined design details. The table is manufactured in oak or walnut and with a tabletop in veneer or high-gloss laminate in white. 

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Finn Juhl


1951, relaunched in 2009


Frame: Oak, walnut
Tabletop: Veneer or white high gloss laminate


L: 160 cm
W: 78 cm
H: 50 cm