FJ 64 - finn juhl
FJ 64 - finn juhl

FJ 64 Chair 1964

FJ 64 Chair 1964

FJ 64 Chair

In 1964, Finn Juhl designed a light, elegant and stackable chair in polyamide. The chair is significantly different from most of Finn Juhl’s other designs, both in shape and materials, and emphasizes that Finn Juhl was courageous, versatile and ahead of his time.

The chair, however, never went into production and was since forgotten in the archives but as Finn Juhl once said: “One should not despair over the fact that some of the developments one has hoped for were never produced but only became a beginning. Perhaps they will be revived some day in the future if necessary or reasonable, when the time is ripe”. 

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About FJ 64 Chair

The FJ 64 Chair is suitable for private homes, as well as for projects, where the light expression and durable materials fit perfectly into restaurants, the modern business, in canteens or for flexible use elsewhere.

Similar to many of Finn Juhl’s other models, FJ 64 is named after the year in which it was designed.

The shell of the chair is cast in polyamide reinforced with glass fiber. The legs are manufactured in slim, painted steel pipes in black, orange, light blue or light grey. Towards the floor, the legs are completed with wooden toes in oak or walnut.

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Finn Juhl


1964, relaunched in 2017


Polyamide shell and painted legs in black, orange, light blue or light grey with wooden toes in oak or walnut.


W: 51 cm
D: 46 cm
H: 75 cm
Seat height: 45 cm