Panel System 1953

Panel System 1953

Panel System

When Finn Juhl designed a house or an interior, his objective was to create a so-called Gesamtkunstwerk. A humanistic-inspired work of art that makes use of all or many art forms. In his work, it translated into a philosophy where furniture and space seamlessly became one well-balanced unit.

Contrary to many of his architect colleagues, Finn Juhl worked from an inside-out approach, starting with the function of each room and how that was reflected in its interior design before he focused on the exterior.

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About the Panel System

In 1953 Finn Juhl designed a wall-mounted panel and shelving system, which complemented his interior designs in a very sophisticated manner. The panel system transformed walls into an integrated part of the overall design.

Today, Finn Juhl’s Panel System is still a modern and practical solution for dynamic storage.

The flexible system allows for cupboards and shelves to be moved around independently with almost limitless combinations of wood, colors and even fabrics available.

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Panel system


Finn Juhl


1953, relaunched in 2013


Teak, walnut, oak, ash, Oregon pine veneer or painted
Incl. mounting lists
Shelf supporter in burnished steel
Cupboard: Body teak, walnut, oak or Oregon pine veneer
Sliding doors: White/yellow, white/light blue or veneer


Start panel: W: 78/80 cm, D: 4 cm, H: 200 cm

Running panel: W: 78/79 cm, D: 4 cm, H: 200 cm

Endlists: W: 2.8/5.6 cm, D: 4 cm, H: 200 cm

Shelf: W: 78 cm, D: 22 cm, H: 1.9 cm

Shelf: W: 78 cm, D: 28 cm, H: 1.9 cm

Shelf: W: 78 cm, D: 45 cm, H: 1.9 cm

Magazine shelf: W: 78 cm, D: 28 cm, H: 1.9 cm

W: 157 cm, D: 45 cm, H: 30.7 cm

W: 78 cm, D: 35 cm, H: 42 cm

Bookend: W: 1 cm, D: 25.3 cm, H: 6 cm