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Shelving and Panel Systems

Finn Juhl’s wall-mounted shelving and panel system offers several possibilities in terms of materials, sizing and functions. The Panel System is thus customizable so that it fits into any home and style. Finn Juhl’s Panel System integrates into any room in a very special manner, as the large panels add both warmth and character to the walls of the home.

Shelves and cabinets are easily hung on the Panel System and can be moved around as pleased and needed. You can opt for a single panel or combine multiple to create a full shelving system. The sliding door cabinets come in two different sizes, while the shelves are available in three depths – the deepest of which can serve as a small desk.

Finn Juhl’s Panel System comes in veneered teak, walnut, ash, oak or Oregon pine. You can even choose the backdrop of the panel in fabric or leather to give it a characteristic expression.

The Panel System is produced at our workshop in Ringkøbing, Denmark, where our headquarters are also located.