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Finn Juhl’s Sideboard is a characteristic piece of furniture, which inevitably commands attention in any room. This is, in part, due to the sheer size of the Sideboard, but also to a large degree because of the unique design and delicate details in terms of craftsmanship. Finn Juhl’s Sideboard is available in walnut or oak with sliding doors in veneer, white/blue or white/yellow. Additionally, an interior tray unit can be purchased in a warm or cold colour scheme. Finn Juhl designed the coloured trays by drawing inspiration from the colour theorist Johan Wolfgang von Goethe’s wheel of colour. While the spacious Sideboard is divided by two shelves, the addition of the tray unit is ideal for storing documents and the like.

The Sideboard is produced entirely at our own workshop in Ringkøbing, Denmark while adhering to the original principals and sketches of Finn Juhl.