Silver Table 1948

Silver Table 1948

Silver table

This oval dining or conference table can be extended with two extra leaves, while the frame stays in the same position. The table was originally crafted by cabinetmaker Niels Vodder in Brazilian rosewood to be displayed at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild Exhibition in 1948. It was subsequently made in two different wooden materials with a darker top and lighter frame.

The tabletop has 30 inlays of Sterling silver that have inspired its nickname, the Judas Table. The table is classic  and extravagant because of its fine details such as its silver inlays, that are strewn across the tabletop like a blanket of stars.

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The positioning of the silver inlays is far from coincidental. They clearly indicate whether the table seats 4, 6, 8 or 10 people. With the two additional leaves the table seats 14 people. The Silver Table is available in three variations.

The first variant is in walnut as it was originally displayed. The second, comes with a teak tabletop on a frame of oak. And the third variant is entirely in oak. Furthermore, the table can be ordered with or without the silver inlays.

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Finn Juhl


1948, relaunched in 2014


Tabletop in veneer with or without sterling silver inlays, incl. two extension leaves.
Tabletop: Teak — Frame: Oak
Tabletop: Walnut — Frame: Walnut
Tabletop: Oak - Frame: Oak (only available without silver inlays)


L: 200/310 cm
W: 140 cm
H: 72.5 cm