Undyed Circle Rug 1963

Undyed Circle Rug 1963

Undyed Circle Rug

In 1963, Finn Juhl designed a series of characteristic circle patterns for the Danish company Vittrup Tæpper (Vittrup Rugs). However, the rugs didn’t make it into production at the time but were finally revived by House of Finn Juhl in 2015. House of Finn Juhl has now also introduced three rugs in natural, undyed hand-tufted wool. The three neutral versions stand in a calm and warm contrast to Finn Juhl’s daring furniture.

Finn Juhl’s original drawings of the circular patterns show different colour combinations – some are extremely colourful and striking, while others are neutral and calm in their expression. The natural rugs are all monochrome and come in three gradients; ‘Chalk’, ‘Sandstone’ and ‘Clay’. The circular pattern is brought about by the difference in the height of the pile. The special technique is called Cut-Loop 3D and creates the optical illusion that the carpets are multicoloured. In reality, this is simply due to the fact that the wefts are seen from above and from the side. This weaving technique is not only elegant, but it also increases the durability of the rugs. Furthermore, the rugs come with a non-slip backside.
The three rugs are made from 100% undyed yarn, spun by pure and new wool sourced from New Zealand. The wool from the sheep is thus sorted by colour, ensuring uniform but natural nuances.
The undyed yarn has not been cleaned chemically, leaving it with an authentic expression from nature and a high concentration of lanolin. Lanolin is the natural oil in wool, which also contributes to the resistance towards dirt and stains.

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About the Undyed Circle Rug

Hans Henrik Sørensen, founder of House of Finn Juhl, expresses his thoughts on the new rugs:
“Finn Juhl’s rugs are famous for their circular patterns, some of which are extremely playful and easily associable to the swinging 60s. However, we have noticed the demand for carpets that can generate a calm point of departure to contrast Finn Juhl’s characteristic furniture. The circular pattern does not dictate a rigid and stringent placement of the furniture, and the new discrete rugs in natural colours are extremely useful. In close collaboration with our dedicated rug manufacturer we have been looking for a way to produce monochrome rugs in natural tones to use as a clean backdrop for the vivid furniture. Additionally, the new rugs go hand in hand with our focus on reducing chemicals in our production.”

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Finn Juhl


1963, relaunched in 2021


Hand-tufted in a dense 100% looped wool 5000g pr. m2
Colors: Chalk, Sandstone, Clay


L: 175 cm
W: 175 cm

L: 245 cm
W: 175 cm