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Projects | Restaurant Barr, Copenhagen

Restaurant Barr

In the former home of the world-renowned restaurant Noma, acclaimed chef and restaurateur Thorsten and Norwegian architect firm Snøhetta have conceived a fresh approach to the iconic space. Restaurant Barr is a casual restaurant and bar, located on Copenhagen’s waterfront, serving up the classic dishes of Northern Europe like salted waffles, schnitzel and Danish meatballs, along with a selection of traditional style beers, aquavit and wine. Barr’s menu embodies the spirit of the Northern Sea Cuisine.

The 108 Chair in oak (dark oil) with 'Nevada' leather upholstery in the colour 'Cognac'. Photo credit: Snøhetta
The 108 Chair in oak (dark oil) with 'Nevada' leather upholstery in the colour 'Cognac'. Photo credit: Snøhetta
The 108 Chair in oak (dark oil) with 'Nevada' leather upholstery in the colour 'Cognac'.

Throughout the restaurant, the design is driven by a strong duality and juxtaposition of the old and the new. When entering, guests are met with a warm oak floor, contrasting with the texture of the original stone walls. A massive, carved wooden counter stretching from one room to the other anchors the whole space. The ceiling is alternately composed of the original ceiling beams and new, sculpted wooden planks, which are embedded with brass details that reflect micro spots of light. Last but not least guests are seated in Finn Juhl’s exclusive 108 Chair in oak and leather.

Located in North Atlantic House, Barr is a casual restaurant focused not only on the Nordics, but also on the broader food and drink traditions found in the region along the North Sea; an area that spans Scandinavia, Germany, Benelux and British Isles. The restaurant’s name (Barr: meaning “barley” in old Norse), reflects Schmidt’s fascination with the region’s food and drink history and culture. Classic dishes such as frikadeller (Danish meatballs), schnitzel and hot-smoked salmon will be offered alongside a large selection of craft beers and aquavits.

“The food culture of this region has always fascinated me. From meatballs and schnitzel, to marmite and sauerkraut, these are all foods from my childhood. At Barr, we want to capture these warm food memories while also pushing to make these iconic dishes the best we can, in a cozy and inviting space.” - Thorsten Schmidt, Owner

Details from Restaurant Barr.