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Stories | 3 Days of Design 2022

3 Days of Design 2022

During 3daysofdesign 2022, we celebrated the relaunch of one of Finn Juhl's most extravagant chairs, the Whisky Chair, along with the launch of the contemporary furniture series 'Åkande' designed by Danish cabinetmaker and designer Jonas Lyndby Jensen. Throughout the design festival, events took place where visitores could enjoy classic drinks and fine food in the showroom while exploring Finn Juhl's many characteristic designs and rich history.

Dazzling colours, fine art and airy drapes at the House of Finn Juhl showroom during 3daysofdesign 2022.
Details of the extravagant brass tray and the mouth-blown whisky glass made specially for the Whisky Chair.

The Relaunch of Finn Juhl's Extravagant Whisky Chair

The relaunch of the Whisky Chair was celebrated with a Danish whisky on the side. In 1948, Finn Juhl designed this extravagant lounge chair with a special feature, designed for holding a glass of whisky. The newly relaunched chair is characterized by Finn Juhl's artistic sense of shape, function, and detail. It is produced in exclusive American walnut and is upholstered by hand in leather and/or textile. Furthermore, the chair is crafted with a handmade brass tray and characteristic brass feet.
Upon purchase, customers will receive a unique mouth-blown glass crafted by glassmaker Mikkel Yerst. The first 250 chairs sold are numbered and with each chair the customer will receive a complimentary bottle of a limited peat smoked single malt whisky, aged in an Amarone wine cask, by the award-winning Danish distillery Stauning Whisky.

Craftsmanship & Kombucha - The New Contemporary Furniture Series 'Åkande'

Visitors met Jonas Lyndby Jensen, former winner of the Finn Juhl prize, when he launched his new contemporary furniture series 'Åkande'. The series, which counts two stools, one side table, and a desk, is the perfect complement to Finn Juhl's iconic furniture. All four pieces are characterized by their irresistible detailing around the edges, reminiscent of a single leaf from a Water Lily. The fine craftsmanship of the new series went hand in hand with a well fermented Glou Glou kombucha.


Finn Juhl's Pelican Chair alongside the stool with three legs from the newly launched Åkande Series.
The Little Mother Sofa paired with the Cocktail Table and two France Chairs.
Finn Juhl's Poet Sofa, 45 Chair and Eye Table in great company with the fine works of German artist Marco Reichert.

Besides the furniture launches, the German artist Marco Reichert, represented by Benoni Galler, exhibited his work in the House of Finn Juhl showroom during 3daysofdesign. Marco Reichert is a painter living and working in Berlin, His works deal with a multilayered surface of geometric and organic shapes applied onto raw canvas.

The current showroom exhibition can be visited during the summer within the regular opening hours Monday-Thursday 10:00 AM - 02:30 PM and Friday 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM.

We look forward to welcoming you for 3 days of design 2023.