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News & Stories | 3daysofdesign 2023

Highlights from This Years 3daysofdesign 2023 in Copenhagen

During the design festival 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen, we presented Finn Juhls perhaps most understated design: the 77 Chair. With its refined and simple expression, this piece of furniture is probably Finn Juhl's most atypical design as it traces lineage back to the design language prevalent during the Bauhaus era. Our showroom in central Copenhagen was setting the stage for a vibrant relaunch. Throughout the festival, visitors could experience a series of exciting events.

the Relaunch of The 77 Chair

Finn Juhl's Least Famous Design

The 77 Series, of which the chair is a part, evokes memories of the international airport lounges and hotel lobbies of the 50s and 60s, as well as architect-designed homes with large windows and graphic free-standing interiors. Despite numerous images of the 77 Series, the design literature rarely mentions the 77 Chair among Finn Juhl's steel-legged furniture. 

However, the 77 Chair does constitute a turning point in Danish design. Finn Juhl once again broke with the conservative language of the Klint School when he placed an upholstered body on slender steel legs, causing the furniture to look like it is floating. Although the chair has an industrial expression, it is far from an industrial production. Behind the rather modest and simple exterior is time-consuming craftsmanship and materials of the finest quality.

Upholstery event

Traditional Danish Craftsmanship

While many furniture companies have moved their production out of Denmark, we remain committed to preserving the tradition of Danish craftsmanship. Visitors could experience how a Poet Sofa is upholstered by hand, live in the showroom in Gothersgade, where one lucky person won the fully upholstered Poet Sofa.

The upholstered furniture such as the Poet Sofa is entirely hand-sewn in the same Danish tradition as the old ones. It takes years of experience, great knowledge and last, but not least, undying patience to master.



Artshow: Zdenek Konvalina Solo Exhibition

Artist Zdenek Konvalina's Playful and Three-Dimensional Paintings Exhibited

Artist Zdenek Konvalina, represented in Denmark by Galleri Benoni, exhibited his works with a solo exhibition. Zdenek Konvalina is a Berlin based contemporary painter. The Czech born multidisciplinary artist has gained international acclaim as a performing artist. In recent years Konvalina has developed his abstract expressionist practice.

The current showroom exhibition can be visited during the summer within the regular opening hours Monday-Thursday 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM and Friday 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM.