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Stories and News | April Coffee Pop-up

April Coffee Taipei Pop-Up in Collaboration with VG Living

This winter, guests to the April Coffee pop-up store in the heart of Taipei, Taiwan, were treated to an immersive experience merging the world of Finn Juhl with the alluring aroma of freshly brewed coffee of the finest quality. The unique collaboration between April Coffee and VG Living Taipei created a space that was more than just a regular coffee shop - it became a celebration of design, flavor, and cultural fusion.

As guests stepped into the store, they were greeted by an ambiance that flawlessly mixed modern aesthetics with classic charm. The design elements paid homage to the iconic style of Finn Juhl, whose influence was evident in the elegant furniture and sophisticated decor.

At the core of this project was April Coffee, known for its commitment to quality and excellence in the coffee industry. Each cup of coffee served was a testament to their meticulous approach to brewing, offering a unique experience that went beyond the ordinary.

Discover the pop-up in the gallery below.