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The Life we’ve Shared: An Exhibition Celebrating the 20th Edition Anniversary of Openhouse

Together with Openhouse, we celebrated the magazine’s 20th anniversary on November 29th with an exhibition hosted at Side Gallery in Barcelona. The exhibition, curated by stylist Charlotte Taylor through the concept of ‘The Life We’ve Shared’, showcased a wide selection of Finn Juhl’s designs, featuring pieces like the Whisky Chair, the Pelican Chair, the Chieftain Chair, and the Poet Sofa.

For Openhouse, the concept of sharing was foundational, going beyond mere physical sharing to embody a deeper, communal interaction. This idea was key to the magazine's ethos long before it became a printed publication.

Exploring the notion of shared living, Openhouse collaborated with Charlotte Taylor at the Side Gallery to create the exhibition The Life we’ve Shared.

Charlotte Taylor crafted a unique living space that invited visitors to ponder the blending of public and private, professional and personal realms—a that has become increasingly common in creative environments. This installation embodied the magazine's core concept, illustrating how once-clear divisions in our lives are now intermingled. 

The installation served as a physical manifestation of Openhouse's commitment to exploring and celebrating the intersections of our personal, professional, and communal lives, highlighting how these aspects coexist and influence one another in today's world.