An Art Collector’s Study in Milan

At the fair Salone del Mobile in Milan, House of Finn Juhl presented a setup named after Finn Juhl’s stand from 1948 "The Study of an Art Collector". He never let his innovative designs stand alone but rather opted for creating a so called "Gesamtkunstwerk" - a German word, which means entirety experienced and achieved through even the smallest of details. 

Finn Juhl in a modern reality

It is House of Finn Juhl's finest task to ensure that Finn Juhl finds his place in the modern reality - in respect of the original legacy. Therefore, this year’s relaunches, the 48 Series and the Cocktail Bench, were presented as part of a so-called "Gesamtkunstwerk" - "The Study of an Art Collector Anno 2018”.

The 48 series was displayed alongside some of the most classic and iconic pieces, such as the Chieftain Chair, the Poet Sofa, the Kaufmann Table and the Panel System. Just as in 1948, the study embodied any art lover's idea of a tactile, colorful and holistic space.

The 48 Series

The 48 Series is easily recognizable because of Finn Juhl's characteristic and sculptural details. Additionally, the 48 Series is characterized by the use of multiple materials. At the fair, House of Finn Juhl displayed two versions. One in oak with armrests and toes in teak and a version entirely in walnut.

Today, it is rare to see furniture that employs two different types of wood. This type of contrast has been left almost entirely to Finn Juhl despite the many years that have passed. Finn Juhl's amount of delicate details is certainly one of the things that makes him stand out from the crowd of other famous Danish designers. 

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A Bench as a Table

At the fair, House of Finn Juhl also relaunched a bench in solid wood, which is available in either walnut or oak. A vintage version of the bench can also be spotted in Finn Juhl's own house north of Copenhagen.

In 1951, Finn Juhl designed the bench for Baker Furniture in USA, who named it "Rectangular Cocktail table". However, in the original drawing Finn Juhl referred to it simply as "bench", which is the reason why House of Finn Juhl has decided to call it "Cocktail Bench". The bench however, is also well suited as a table for art, a stack of books or a lamp.

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