Finn Juhl as Part of the New Danish Architecture Center - BLOX

We are proud to announce that Finn Juhl is part of both the current “Welcome Home” exhibition as well as one of the permanent rooms at the newly opened Danish Architecture Center (DAC) in the BLOX building in Copenhagen. 

"BLOX is designed by OMA Partner Ellen van Loon. At BLOX, the urban routes reach into the heart of the building and create a broad range of interactions between the different program parts and the urban environment. Making the most of the site's potential by bridging the road, the building is an 'urban generator' actively linking the city and the harbour front. Passers-by can look into and through the transparent building, which faces the city and invites people to visit the harbour front." (Danish Architecture Center)

“Welcome Home”

“Welcome Home” showcases how the Danes live - and have lived over time. The exhibition portrays different settings from different homes, among these a living room furnished with Finn Juhl’s furniture. The exhibition further revolves around the development of the notion “home” through time. Finn Juhl’s furniture were both shocking, innovative and trendsetting in their time - today they stand out as icons and modern classics.

DAC's Perspective on the Exhibition

“Architects design houses. People create homes. Therefore, the architecture has never been more present and important than in those buildings that frame the living life. Where, how and with whom you live matter a great deal for quality of life. For this very reason, the idea of the home is the nucleus of the first exhibition by Danish Architecture Center, in our new home, BLOX.”

They further explain:

“The exhibition portrays historical breakthroughs that have shaped the way we live – from industrialization and world wars to megacities and threatening climate crises. The exhibit shines a light on current challenges that affect our homes today. It examines how we will build and live in the future.” 

The exhibit runs from May 7th – September 23rd, 2018. 

Danish Architecture Center Bryghuspladsen 10 1473 Copenhagen, Denmark