"Hanne's Small Silver Table"
- A New Version of Finn Juhl's Iconic Design
is being Relaunched

Since 2014, House of Finn Juhl has been manufacturing Finn Juhl's exclusive Silver Table from 1948. The table, which in its original size comes both with and without silver in-lays, is arguably one of Finn Juhl's most famous and extravagant designs. It can even be seen in his private residence at Ordrupgaard Museum. It has been nicknamed the "Judas Table" because of the 30 sterling silver coins (42 when the table is extended to its full length). The pattern of the in-lays serves the functional purpose of dividing the tabletop in up to 14 seating areas. Additionally, it adds an elegant pattern to the surface. 


What most people do not know is that Finn Juhl not only designed the table in its original large version, but also in a more compact size, suitable for apartments or smaller homes. It is this version that House of Finn Juhl has now opted to relaunch.


House of Finn Juhl strives to protect the legacy of Finn Juhl and adhere to the highest standards, making it crucial to consider the actual material at hand - rather than improvising. Initially, it seemed that the small version of the famous table, was only available without the characteristic silver in-lays. As such, the plan was to only relaunch it this way.

However, as is often the case with Finn Juhl, perceptions of right and wrong can change in an instant when an original drawing is found outside of the archive or an unprecedented version of a piece of furniture emerges. Occasionally, House of Finn Juhl is even so lucky that the timing proves to be impeccable. 

A Discovery 

After deciding to re-introduce the smaller table without silver in-lays, House of Finn Juhl was contacted by a family who had bought several pieces of furniture from Hanne Wilhelm Hansen's vacation home in Provence. Hanne and Finn Juhl were a couple up until his passing in 1989. At the vacation home, the small version of the table was displayed - with silver in-lays. Hanne did not purchase the house until after Finn Juhl's death, meaning that bringing this specific table to Provence has been her decision alone. 

Because of the current owner of the table, it has thus been possible for House of Finn Juhl to measure the exact placement of the silver in-lays, meaning that the table can now be offered in this exclusive edition. 

"When we recently decided to relaunch the smaller version of the Silver Table, we naturally thought that it was a bit of a shame that it did not come with silver in-lays. However, we took this as given and left it at that. It thus seems rather fateful that a story appears out of thin air - about this family who bought part of the interior from Hanne Wilhelm Hansen's Provence estate, which included this very table - with the silver coins! Hanne is the very reason that we even produce Finn Juhl's designs, as she granted us the exclusive rights to the production in 2001. Therefore, we find it rather perfect that we will now have a table in the collection, which we have only now become aware of." 

- Hans Henrik Sørensen, CEO and co-founder

Just like the larger version of the table, this new relaunch boasts an incredible degree of detail. These details unfold as you step closer. Along the edge, underneath the table, runs a smooth indent. When pulling the table, to extend its dimensions, your hands will naturally grab a hold of this ridge. This is a sensual detail that does not immediately meet the eye - it simply must be experienced. The dividable tabletop smoothly separates without the legs ever moving.


"Hanne's Small Silver Table" measures 180 x 120 cm and can be extended to 290 cm.  

The table is available with a tabletop in walnut, oak or linoleum as well as a combination of tabletop in walnut and legs in oak.
The silver version is only available with the walnut tabletop.


Name: The Small Silver Table
Designer: Finn Juhl
Year: 1948, relaunched in 2021
Materials: Tabletop in oak, walnut or linoleum. The table comes with two extension leaves. The tabletop with silver in-lays is only available in walnut.
Dimensions: W 120 cm X L 180 cm (290 cm)