New Colours 
and Materials
in the Finn Juhl Collection

The archive containing Finn Juhl's original drawings is a true treasure chest. Sometimes we stumble across things that we have never seen before. This isn't necessarily an entirely new piece that has yet to be relaunched, it may also be drawings that depict new details of already launched furniture.

Table Bench is Now Available with Coloured Legs 

Black Linoleum Top  

Recently we uncovered a watercolour drawing of Finn Juhl's Table Bench, showing his original idea regarding the colour scheme and use of materials on the Table Bench. For this reason, we decided to launch a new version of the Table Bench with coloured legs and a black linoleum surface as portrayed.

Contrary to other famous architects offrom his time, Finn Juhl, among other things, became famous for his use of powerfulstrong colours, which the newly launched version of the Table Bench is a perfect example of. In 1962 he gave the following quote to the Danish newspaper Politiken:

"Have you ever noticed these fancy homes designed by architects? Everything is so pure and clean, they only dare use the colours white, black and grey. They don't even risk hanging art on the walls, and when they do it's some small abstract piece. It can't be necessary to reduce our surroundings to something so boring, when we have so many exciting opportunities." - Finn Juhl

Regarding the updated use of colour and materials in the Finn Juhl pieces, founder of Onecollection and House of Finn Juhl, Hans Henrik Sørensen, says:

"It's incredibly hard to challenge Finn Juhl's designs by using new materials and colours, as he already did so himself back in the 40s and 50s. Working with Finn Juhl's designs are extremely inspiring because he still surprises, defies challenges and provokes the established set of norms with daring solutions, shapes and colours."

Finn Juhl's use of

In the wake of Finn Juhl's introduction to the American design stage during the 50s, he became increasingly inspired by his American peers' simple designs - especially those of Charles Eames - after years of pledging his loyalty to wood as his primary material, Juhl began using steel more and more often.

The straight lines and newfound simplicity in Finn Juhl's designs, became dominant in his designs of desks, dining tables, coffee tables, benches, sideboards and sofas for the company Bovirke. The furniture was manufactured with painted and brownished steel legs with a wooden toe finish.

Finn Juhl had encountered criticism regarding his organic expression, inspired by free and sculptural art, but with these simpler designs he, for a while, moved away from this expression. However, his love for strong colours remained intact - even throughout this period!

Sideboard with Veneered Sliding Doors 

Coloured Legs

Finn Juhl's simple, yet beautiful, Sideboard combines exclusive wood types with colours from Goethe's colour circle. The Sideboard has until now been available with light blue and white or yellow and white sliding doors. But, since Finn Juhl originally designed a version with veneered sliding doors, we have  now decided to launch this version, such that those longing for a Sideboard with a simpler expression can be satisfied.

In addition, the Sideboard can now also be ordered with coloured legs in light blue and orange.