New Showroom in Copenhagen

“Have you ever notices these fancy homes designed by architects? Everything is so pure and clean, they only dare to use the colors white, black and grey. They don’t even risk hanging art on the walls, and when they do it’s some small abstract piece. It can’t be necessary to reduce our surroundings to something so boring, when we have so many exciting opportunities.” – Finn Juhl  

A Colorful Space

Finn Juhl was never boring. As heirs to his design legacy we do our very best to follow in his colorful footsteps. We have recently opened our new showroom, located at Frederiksgade 1 in Copenhagen. The showroom has been relocated from the ground floor to the second floor, giving us more space and more light. The stately rooms have been painted in a mix of clear and dusty pastel shades. 

Finn Juhl's Take on Colors

Finn Juhl had a very special take on colors and he was not afraid of criticizing the conventional way of using color: "Our generation is only slowly discovering pure colors. The [so-called] good taste has so emphatically killed the sense for colors for the previous generations" (Finn Juhl, “Hjemmets indretning”, 1954). 

Additionally, Finn Juhl thought that people tended to focus too little on the ceilings. For instance, his own bedroom ceiling was painted in a delicate, light yellow color. We strongly believe that Finn Juhl had an eye for colors, so when we recreated a hotel room from our Japanese hotel in the showroom, we painted the ceiling yellow as a homage. Read more about the hotel in Japan here.

A Different Painting Approach

The emulated hotel room ceiling is far from the only ceiling that has been painted. With help from our downstairs neighbor, Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer from the company File under Pop, we have moved away from the classic painting approach and painted woodwork, doors, plaster and ceilings. Our main goal has been to make the showroom reflect Finn Juhl’s joy for colors. 

When you step into the entrance hall, you can look directly into the largest room of the showroom – the oval room, which serves as the dining room of the apartment. This room has been painted in two varying champagne-pink colors, one for the walls and one for the ceiling. The dining room also contains some of Finn Juhl’s most exclusive furniture, such as the Silver Table, the Chieftain Sofa and the Panel System. 

We have attempted to segment the showroom according to the functions of the home. Therefore, the “dining room” allows for direct entry into a large living room, in which a lounge arrangement takes up one side of the room. The living room faces the famous Marble Church and is characterized by a very special natural lighting, which is further amplified by the contrast between the dark ceiling and the dusty, cream color on the walls. 

The Corner Office

From the living room, you step into a small corner office with a very special ambiance. This ambiance is created by the light blue walls, the furry Skandilock Sheepskin Poet and the Nyhavn Desk with its straight lines. Who wouldn’t like to sit at the helm here?

Stop by to Say Hello

We look forward to welcoming you to our showroom. You can visit the showroom Monday-Thursday between 9 am and 3 pm. We recommend that you send us an e-mail in advance, to ensure that we are not out of office: 

Address: Frederiksgade 1, 2nd floor, 1265 Copenhagen