Design Collaboration LDF 2017

Paul Smith hosts a celebration of Danish design at his London flagship shop featuring a new collaboration of iconic Finn Juhl furniture matched with Paul Smith Maharam fabrics. The new exhibition takes place at Paul Smith No. 9 Albemarle Street and will run from September 16th to October 14th, covering both the London Design Festival and Frieze London.

Fashion Meets Furniture

This collaboration brings together two designers who share similar values. Finn Juhl’s work is often defined by its unique details, constant surprises and an underlying sense of joy – all of which could readily apply to the work of Paul Smith.

“Some countries are known for their food, others for their sporting prowess, Danes are known for their design abilities”, says Paul Smith. “It’s just in their blood and Finn Juhl is one of the best examples of this.”

Paul Smith is Britain’s foremost designer. He is renowned for his creative aesthetic, which combines tradition and modernity. Reaffirming the values that Paul set down in 1970, ‘classic with a twist’ remains the guiding principle of the company.

The exhibition features a wide range of Finn Juhl designs, with special attention given to a number of exclusive collaboration pieces upholstered with Paul-Smith-designed Maharam fabric. Within the wider exhibition, the FJ Sideboard and Glove Cabinet feature a collection of colourful trays, which could easily be mistaken for a signature Paul Smith stripe.

Stripes & Patterns

The elegant Finn Juhl 108 and 109 Chair are given a new lease of life thanks to Paul Smith Maharam ‘Segmented Stripe’ fabric, while the dramatic 57 Sofa features combinations of coloured wool and Paul Smith Maharam ‘Point’ material. Finally, two Finn Juhl France Chairs are upholstered in Paul Smith Maharam ‘Assembled Check’ fabric.

“Juhl combined an understanding of how things should work with how things should look to such beautiful effect”, Paul says and continues: “With his background in architecture he knew how to solve a problem with design and always did it with such amazing lines and such elegant simplicity.”

Information About the Exhibition

The Paul Smith & Finn Juhl exhibition will run at:

Paul Smith No. 9 Albemarle Street

Date: September 16th to October 14th 2017.