Relaunch of the Poet
with Tapered Legs

When House of Finn Juhl relaunched the small Poet sofa in 2001, some people asked why it was presented with rounded legs rather than the tapered legs. When working with the legacy of one of the greatest designers, these questions are far from rare. If you go through the archives of Finn Juhl's drawings, while studying the original, psychical furniture pieces, one will quickly discover that the details of Finn Juhl's furniture often developed over time. In short, "something" often happened as a drawing was transformed into a piece of furniture. 

House of Finn Juhl celebrates the comeback of the tapered legs by manufacturing 50 Poet Sofas in Skandilock Sheepskin.

The Art of Relaunching Iconic Furniture

The cabinetmakers who worked with Finn Juhl usually imprinted their own style on the furniture as well. Therefore, it is rather common to see differences in details, depending on who manufactured Finn Juhl's furniture at a given time period.

Hans Henrik Sørensen, founder and partner of House of Finn Juhl says:

"When we relaunch Finn Juhl's furniture we always try to figure out what he originally intended. We study the drawings closely and compare them to the original furniture pieces, which we measure. We know that Finn Juhl often disagreed with the cabinetmakers in terms of his organic expression. As we are unable to ask for Finn Juhl's advice today, we have to try our very best to put ourselves in his shoes and imagine what he would have wanted, to achieve the intended expression. No precise answer exists. Despite the efforts of many, it is hard to become an expert judge of what is right or wrong. We only met Finn Juhl once, when we were very young. But after working with the development and relaunch of 45 Finn Juhl pieces over the span of 20 years, we sort of feel that we know him and that he is tagging along on our journey. This helps us being confident in the decisions that we make."

The legs of the Poet Sofa were originally round, just like the legs of the Pelican Chair. Over the years House of Finn Juhl has experienced a great demand for tapered legs, which are also seen on the Poet Sofa in Finn Juhl's own living room, in his house north of Copenhagen. This particular sofa, however, is not one of the earliest versions of the Poet Sofa, but was manufactured during the 50s in a period where the Poet Sofa was retailed with tapered legs, as this was in style.

House of Finn Juhl is now providing the Finn Juhl customers with a choice. From now on it will be possible to choose between rounded or tapered legs. This needs to be celebrated; For this occasion, we have manufactured 50 Poet Sofas with tapered legs in Skandilock Sheepskin (25 in Moonlight color and 25 in Sahara color). 

The History of the Poet Sofa

This small two-seater sofa first saw the light of day at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers' Guild Exhibition in 1941. It should be seen as a natural progression from the Pelican Chair that was displayed the previous year. The upholstery is very slim compared to the norm at the time and it was the result of Finn Juhl's ambition to create functional furniture for smaller apartments.

The small sofa received its name much later, in 1959, when a popular Danish cartoonist depicted the exact sofa as the place where a young poet would withdraw to contemplate the complexities of life.