a Unique Expression
for Organic Shapes

Over the years, sheepskin has become a popular natural material. It is now considered a classic choice in furniture design - taking its rightful place among textiles and leather. This can be explained by the fact that sheepskin enjoys many natural qualities, is a joy to look at and is wonderful to touch. At the same time, sheepskin is as if made for Finn Juhl's organically shaped pieces, as these underline the natural softness of the material.

Maybe you are familiar with the Pelican chair in sheepskin. However, did you know that the material goes remarkably well with a range of Finn Juhl's designs? These include the Poet sofa, the 46-sofa and last, but not least, the France chair.

The Many Qualities

Careful selection makes it possible to achieve a unique product, which is exceptionally well suited for furniture upholstery. No two sheepskins are exactly alike. Therefore, each and every skin is carefully examined before the processing commences. Each hide is handled manually to avoid compromising the structure and density of the wool. Sheepskin is extremely durable and does not attract dust or dirt. It is also easy to maintain and clean. Furthermore, the sheepskin regulates temperature in a natural manner. This makes it exceedingly comfortable to sit in as the wool will keep you warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather.

The quality-conscious suppliers of sheepskin to House of Finn Juhl manage to combine traditional craftsmanship with environmentally friendly methods of processing. This enables them to preserve the natural qualities of the sheepskin while achieving unparalleled quality. To ensure an ethically correct way of raising sheep our suppliers are in close contact with the animal farmers and conduct regular visits. The raw material, which serves as the basis for production, is sourced from a Merino-hybrid from Australia and New Zealand. 


Sheepskin is a natural product of high quality. To preserve the original look of the wool, it is important to care for it regularly. It is recommended to vacuum the sheepskin on a regular basis, to prevent the texture of the wool from going flat. By doing so, the sheepskin maintains its volume and the air-like feel of the wool. Dirt can easily be removed with a soft sponge, temperate water and a mild soap especially made for wool. Contrary to what one might think, even the skins in the lighter colours are not at all delicate. 

Please be aware that exposure to direct sunlight may cause changes to the colour of the sheepskin.