Special Finn Juhl Event in London

A few days prior to The London Design Festival one of our newest dealers, Staffan Tollgård, hosted a big launch of the Finn Juhl collection.

How to Introduce Finn Juhl to the Brits

By putting together a sophisticated event, Staffan Tollgård managed to generate buzz regarding Finn Juhl and introduced the collection with elegance and class.
The event was carefully planned out with specific Finn Juhl areas set up in his showroom alongside with drinks and Scandinavian canapés were served. Hard preparatory work regarding invitations and press pitches had been undertaken to ensure that as many people as possible showed up to support the event. 
For your next London trip we encourage you to visit Staffan Tollgård:
Grosvenor Waterside, Gatliff Rd, London SW1W 8QN, Great Britain