From Onecollection
to House of Finn Juhl
- The Visual Identity

As some of you may have noticed, last year we merged all our Finn Juhl designs under one roof – a cohesive brand called House of Finn Juhl. This move was the first step of an overall strategy concerning our furniture collections. Prior to this decision we had always associated Finn Juhl’s furniture with our main company, Onecollection. 


Below we will give you the inside scope on the process that brought House of Finn Juhl to life, meaning that we, in collaboration with a design studio, had to search for the core of Finn Juhl’s design genius in order to create a suitable new visual identity.

The story has been made in collaboration with

For a long time, Finn Juhl has been part of the Onecollection family – and legally speaking, Onecollection is still the parent company behind House of Finn Juhl. However, as the years passed by, it became glaringly obvious that Finn Juhl´s furniture appealed to a different audience than the rest of the furniture within Onecollection. Therefore, something had to be done.

Recent years have brought an ever-increasing interest in Finn Juhl’s furniture. Sadly, this resulted in a lack of focus on our original collection. To address this issue, we contacted the Danish design studio, Urgent Agency. We tasked them with restoring and equalizing both collections – Finn Juhl and Onecollection alike.

When asked about the process, Mads Quistgaard from Urgent Agency states:

“To us, it was obvious that the solution would be to separate the two brands. Even though you’re a family, your kids are different from one another and have different abilities. So, when they are ready, it serves them well to work and live separately.”

The creation of two separate brands was, at first, something that required a bit of adaptation, founder of Onecollection and House of Finn Juhl, Henrik Sørensen explains:

“Naturally, it requires a change of habit from those who already knew Onecollection as the company and brand behind Finn Juhl furniture. But overall, and for new customers, it makes perfect sense that all Finn Juhl furniture, that we have the rights to manufacture and sell, are compiled into a separate, exclusive brand.”

No "New Nordic" here

To underline an international presence and showcase the indisputable quality and exclusiveness that is Finn Juhl, it was necessary to create a visual identity that would play into these features. Therefore, House of Finn Juhl is always presented within a colourful and sometimes quite dark visual universe, to invoke associations of luxury brands and artfulness.

The idea is to combine the visual impressions with something sensuous and at times almost sensual. Mads Quistgaard adds:

”Whereas a lot of brands from Scandinavia tap into the New Nordic expression, we advised House of Finn Juhl to go in a different direction. The furniture pieces are all high-end and quite pricey, when looking and touching each of the pieces, it is clear how every detail is cared for. You can almost feel the round, the soft and the richness of every small detail.” he states and continues:

”House of Finn Juhl equals world class, state of the art and extends beyond fleeting subjective taste or trends. Therefore, our focal point when developing the new visual identity for House of Finn Juhl has been to underline and emphasize these facts.”

Spinning the Finn Juhl collection off from Onecollection has also meant a brush-up of Onecollection as well. This job was done by Morten Duemose and you can see the new visual identity here: