We are proud to announce that Finn Juhl is part of both the current “Welcome Home” exhibition as well as one of the permanent rooms at the newly opened Danish Architecture Center (DAC) in the BLOX building in Copenhagen.

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As heirs to Finn Juhl’s design legacy we do our very best to follow in his colorful footsteps. Therefore, the stately rooms have been painted in a mix of clear and dusty pastel shades.

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The 48 series consist of a Chair and a Sofa-Bench, which are both easily recognizable because of Finn Juhl's characteristic and sculptural shapes and delicate details.

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Relaunch of the Poet
with Tapered Legs

When House of Finn Juhl relaunched the small Poet sofa in 2001, some people asked why it was presented with rounded legs rather than the tapered legs. When working with the legacy of one of the greatest designers, these questions are far from rare. If you go...

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57 sofa

Finn Juhl's
- The Very Beginning of it All

Throughout 2018 we will strive to provide deeper insight into the things we do at House of Finn Juhl. We will unveil what it is like to protect the legacy of one of the greatest designers in history, as well as take a trip down memory lane to pass on some of...

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An Art Collector’s Study in Milan

At the fair Salone del Mobile in Milan, House of Finn Juhl presented a setup named after Finn Juhl’s stand from 1948 "The Study of an Art Collector". He never let his innovative designs stand alone but rather opted for creating a so called "Gesamtkunstwerk" -...

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45 Chair

The 45 Chair is a true masterpiece, which has become symbolic for Finn Juhl’s design genius. The chair was presented at the Copenhagen Cabinetmaker’s Guild Exhibition in 1945 and has been called “the mother of all modern chairs” by the Japanese professor and chair expert Mr. Noritsugu Oda.

Poet sofa

This small two-seater was first shown at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild Exhibition in 1941 and should be seen as a natural progression from the Pelican Chair from the previous year. The upholstery is very slim compared to what was the norm at the time and the result of Juhl’s ambition to create functional furniture for smaller apartments.

Chieftain Chair

The Chieftain Chair is one of Finn Juhl’s absolute masterpieces, representing the peak of his career as a furniture designer. At its introduction in 1949, the chair marked a renewal of the Danish furniture design tradition and today it is seen as one of the most important exponents of the Danish Modern movement in the USA in the 1950’s.



Initially, Finn Juhl wanted to become an art historian. Since his early years, he had been interested in fine arts. However, his father wouldn't allow a career in the arts. Instead Finn Juhl enrolled at the Department of architecture at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen. Finn Juhl began his studies in the 1930s, which was an important period in furniture design, when modern design started to emerge.

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Our passion is relaunching Finn Juhl’s furniture, in respect to his legacy, but in a modern reality. The details must be as fine and pure as if it came from the original cabinetmakers’ workshop, but our understanding of quality also includes durability. Our products have to be so durable that they can be enjoyed by users today and by generations to come.

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Finn Juhl

Our own history & Approach

Ever since we opened our first office in Henrik’s mother’s basement in 1990, our mission has been to create a company rooted in the true passion for good furniture design. The playing field is the cross-section where functional design and craftsmanship of the highest quality meet art. The result is joy of life.

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