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News & Stories | The Reading Chair is Introduced in New Materials

More Options for Finn Juhl's Classic Reading Chair: Now Introducing a Version Entirely in Oak

In July, House of Finn Juhl introduced the Reading Chair in ash. Now, as we welcome the fall, the classic dining chair is presented in another version, made entirely from oak. The oak used for the Finn Juhl-collection is always FSC®-certified.

Many cherish the Reading Chair's classic combination og walnut and oak. However, our collection expands beyond this with multiple material options. This includes a sleek black version in painted oak, an option with a veneered seat and now, as of this summer, also the lightest version in ash. Read more about our latest version below - entirely made from oak.

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Finn Juhl's Reading Chair is now being introduced in a new version entirely in oak. The chair is upholstered with 'Watercolour' textile in the colour 'Himalaya' by House of Finn Juhl and Kjellerup Væveri.
Organic shapes and brass details on the new oak version.
FSC®-certified oak

The Unique Character of Oak

Wood of the highest quality is crucial for producing Finn Juhl's furniture. When wood is carefully selected, it possesses unique qualities that ensure durability for generations. The distinctive and natural structure of the wood brings life and movement to the furniture, making it an ideal choice for crafting organic designs like Finn Juhl's. Oak is a strong and versatile type of wood with open pores and a clear, fine structure. Oak has been the dominant building material for humans for thousands of years. All the oak used in producing Finn Juhl's furniture is carefully selected European oak from FSC®-certified forests.

Details of the fine grain structure of oak.
Different Oil Treatments

The Reading Chair in Oak

The oak Reading Chair comes with two different oil treatments, each offering its own unique expression: light and dark. You can opt for a clear oil to preserve the oak's light tone, maintaining the wood's original colour. On the other hand, choosing the dark oil treatment will provide a deeper, warmer, and darker tone that enhances the wood's structure.

Both types of oil protect the wood's surface and make it resistant to water and stains. The oil absorbs into the wood, creating a smooth and almost silky surface, where you can both see and feel the wood's natural texture.

Finn Juhl's Reading Chair in a new version entirely in oak. The seat is upholstered in the textile 'Watercolour' in the colour 'Himalaya'.
The production of the Reading Chair

Danish Craftsmanship and Comfort

In 1953, Finn Juhl designed the Reading Chair for the furniture manufacturer Bovirke. Today, it stands as a timeless classic. With its simple lines and subtle, elegant details, the chair is not only suitable for private homes but also for hotels and restaurants. The seat is meticulously hand-upholstered in textile or leather, ensuring optimal comfort.

Additionally, the Reading Chair offers diverse seating options - a hallmark of many of Finn Juhl's designs. Once seated, one can appreciate how the horizontal back piece elegantly supports the elbows. This feature showcases the thoughtful simplicity of the design.

The chair is the result of experienced craftsmanship carried out at House of Finn Juhl's own furniture factory in the city of Vejen, Denmark.

The Reading Chair exhibited at Bovirke's stand at Købestævnet in Fredericia in 1953. Photo: Design Museum Denmark.
Details from the production of the Reading Chair.