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Projects & References | House of Finn Juhl Showroom, Copenhagen

House of Finn Juhl Showroom

The building which houses the House of Finn Juhl showroom is nothing short of history. Since 1879, it has been the home of music trading and publishing in Copenhagen. Through five generations, the Wilhelm Hansen family has run a music publishing house, note printing business and a sheet music shop from here. The Wilhelm Hansen Music Publishers were the biggest in all of Scandinavia and grew to become synonymous with the treasure of Danish music. Here, all of the greatest artists were gathered under one roof – from H.C. Andersen, H.C. Lumbye, J.P. Hartmann and Carl Nielsen to the modern music of Per Nørgaard, Herman D. Koppel and Niels Viggo Bentzon. 

The Poet Sofa upholstered with the Duet Leather in the colour ‘Gold’ from Sorensen Leather. Above the Poet Sofa is a photograph by the artist Soren Solkaer from his project 'Black Sun' presented.
The 77 Sofa paired with the France Chair upholstered with the ‘Watercolor’ textiles from the collaboration with Kjellerup Vaeveri.

The Connection to Finn Juhl

From 1960 and until his death in 1989, Finn Juhl and Hanne Wilhelm Hansen were a couple. Hanne Wilhelm Hansen and her sister, Lone, were both 5th generation successors to the Wilhelm Hansen Music Publishers. In 1988 the sisters decided to sell the publishing house. After the sale was complete, they established a foundation – The Wilhelm Hansen Foundation. The charter specifies that the foundation supports performing arts within music, dance and theater. As Hanne Wilhelm Hansen put it so elegantly herself: “for five generations my family has profited from the artists. It is now time to give that money back to the artists”. 
In 1988, Hanne Wilhelm Hansen contacted the founders of Onecollection (also known as House of Finn Juhl today), Ivan Hansen and Hans Henrik Sørensen. This kickstarted the collaboration to relaunch Finn Juhl’s iconic furniture. Hanne found the partnership to be so fruitful that she bestowed the exclusive rights of production for all of Finn Juhl’s pieces to Ivan and Hans Henrik. Without hesitation they accepted – and they would embark on the mission of their lives.

Ivan Hansen, founder and co-owner of Onecollection / House of Finn Juhl says: “relocating the showroom is the result of a very special collaboration with the Wilhelm Hansen Foundation. They have given us the unique opportunity to present Finn Juhl’s greatest designs in a very special place”. 
He further adds: ”We truly enjoy having our very own design Mecca in the heart of Copenhagen, to celebrate Finn Juhl’s sculptural furniture. Here, we invite professionals and design lovers from all over the world to experience the complete sensation of Finn Juhl’s design universe”. 

The balcony in the showroom is used as a gallery to showcase Finn Juhls original watercolors.

Supporting the Culture

Hanne Wilhelm Hansen unexpectedly passed away in 2003, merely a single day after presenting the inaugural edition of the prestigious Finn Juhl Design Award. Ever since Hanne’s passing the close collaboration with the board of the Wilhelm Hansen Foundation, which also resides in the Wilhelm Hansen House, has continued. This partnership is the main reason that Onecollection / House of Finn Juhl can fill the historical and pompous sheet music shop with Finn Juhl’s furniture and open the doors to the new showroom. 
“We have come full circle. It has become just as Hanne always wanted it – and then some. I don’t think that she could have ever imagined the level of success we have achieved by relaunching Finn Juhl’s pieces. His furniture had almost been forgotten when we were granted the production rights". 

We are proud to have made Hanne’s dream come true. Additionally, we are proud to say that we now contribute, to a significant extent, to the performing arts via the royalties from the sale of Finn Juhl’s furniture. Lastly, we hope that we can enrich our nation’s capital with a beautiful and newly renovated showroom in a historical setting” Hans Henrik Sørensen says. 
House of Finn Juhl at the Wilhelm Hansen House is not only comprised of Finn Juhl’s designs. It also features the contemporary Onecollection furniture along with art, lamps and other elements to complement each other and create a fully fledged experience. We strive to make the showroom a living and creative space to, above all else, inspire a life full of long- lasting and sustainable values. 

The Wilhelm Hansen Foundation and Finn Juhl: The rights to Finn Juhl’s designs are held by the Wilhelm Hansen Foundation. Every time House of Finn Juhl sells a piece of Finn Juhl furniture, a royalty fee is paid to the Wilhelm Hansen Foundation. Every year the foundation presents the Finn Juhl Design Award. The main objective of the foundation is to support performing artists in music, dance and theater by granting awards and scholarships to individuals and projects alike.

Visit the showroom

Year: Since 1879 Gothersgade 9-11 has housed the Wilhelm Hansen family’s music publishing house and sheet music shop.


Gothersgade 9, 1123 Copenhagen K
The showroom will serve only as a showroom and not as a store.

The showroom is open to the public on weekdays. Stop by for inspiration and guidance.

Opening hours: 

Monday-Thursday: 10 am - 4 pm
Friday: 10 am - 1 pm