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Diving Into the World of Finn Juhl - An Exploration of the Literature

Are you longing for some new and inspirational reading as we embark on a new year? Or perhaps you are trying to find the perfect present for a friend or a family member who is passionate about Danish design? Look no further. Nothing beats getting inspiration from a physical book. Turning and feeling pages. Discover a selection of inspiring books on Finn Juhl’s life and work below.

Photo: The Royal Danish Library, Pressehuset.
by Christian Bondegaard

Finn Juhl. Life, Work, World

Rather than thinking in terms of practical construction, Finn Juhl had the mindset of a sculptor, when he shaped a piece of furniture. In the 1940s and 1950s, this way of working had never been seen before. This book is a comprehensive monograph on Finn Juhl as one of Denmark’s most influential Modernist design pioneers.

By Per H. Hansen

Finn Juhl and His House

One can argue that Finn Juhl's most extraordinary piece is his own home, situated in Ordrup, North of Copenhagen. The residence, which is now part of the museum Ordrupgaard, boasts an inspiring compilation of impressive design facets, turning any visit into a full experience, instantly sparking an appreciation of Finn Juhl's unique talent. This book focuses not only on Finn Juhl’s house, but also on Finn Juhl as a modernist and as a man of the world. It deals with the period from Finn Juhl’s first experimental furniture in the 1930s, the so-called Golden Age of the 1940s and 1950s, and up until the present day, where Finn Juhl’s designs have experienced a revival as furniture classics and collectibles.

You can explore Finn Juhl's house in further detail here

By Anne-Louise Sommer

Watercolours by Finn Juhl

This publication gives readers a unique opportunity to view Finn Juhl’s working method and creative process. More than 125 subtle works on paper communicate the ingenuity of their creator. Finn Juhl’s furniture classics, living concepts, and interior designs can be experienced in all their complexity, as the book traces the development from the beginning onwards.

Watercolour drawing of Finn Juhl's interior design for Scandinavias Airlines (SAS). Photo: Designmuseum Danmark.
By Esbjørn Hiort

The Architect Finn Juhl

This classic book on Finn Juhl is authored by writer Esbjørn Hiort, who attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Architecture at the same time as Finn Juhl. Thus, the author has first-hand knowledge of the period during which Finn Juhl played a key role in the development of the concept of Danish Design. The book presents a ‘full-length’ portrait of Finn Juhl as an artist and a cultural figure.

By Karsten Ifversen & Birgit Lyngbye Pedersen

Finn Juhl at the UN – A Living Legacy

This book tells the story of how the Trusteeship Council Chamber at the United Nations Headquarters in New York came to be. About how Finn Juhl worked with the furnishing of the chamber, about the restoration and about the design duo Salto & Sigsgaard and their work with designing modern furniture for the restored chamber. The Chamber is a beautiful and important testament to Danish cultural heritage and is often referred to as The Finn Juhl Chamber.

By Mike Rømer

Finn Juhl & Onecollection

A book by design journalist Mike Rømer that focuses on Finn Juhl’s work as a furniture designer and the reintroduction of his characteristic designs by Onecollection. In 1981 Mike Rømer met and interviewed Finn Juhl. The encounter sparked a personal interest in Finn Juhl’s aesthetic approach to ‘creating’. The book concentrates on Finn Juhl’s work as a revolutionary furniture designer and the joyous fact that his furniture has enjoyed a new lease of life with renewed interest both in Denmark and internationally.