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Projects | Hotel Koo, Otsu Shiga

Hotel Koo a Converted
Tea House in Otsu, Shiga

In contrast to tourist-ridden Kyoto, Shiga Prefecture is a quieter place which remains relatively undiscovered compared to the cities' far more famous neighbour. Hotel Koo Otsuhyakucho is located in Otsu in the middle of a residential neighbourhood. The hotel consists of a mix of traditional two-storey buildings and modern, design apartments.

Housed in a remodeled Machiya townhouse, Hotel Koo is the first hotel situated in a shopping arcade while altogether 7 accommodations scatter around the old Tokaido road or shopping street.
Everywhere at the hotel, an authentic and natural ambience is flowing.

The award-winning establishment aims to breathe life into local businesses by attracting visitors from far and wide. While Hotel Koo has retained the traditional exterior of the machiya (Japanese traditional house) it inherited, the interior boasts a blend of contemporary decor with traditional elements.

The reception building, Ohmiya, hosts Hotel Koo’s reception, lounge, and dining area, while other rooms and suites can be found across the hotel’s seven buildings elsewhere in the old arcade. Hotel Koo’s guest rooms are tastefully fitted with contemporary furnishings with traditional trimmings. Several rooms at the hotel are furnished with Finn Juhl furniture adding a warm and exclusive overall feel to the hotel. 

A comfortable dining setup is created with Finn Juhl's Reading Chair.
A dazzling yellow 46 Sofa paired with an equally colourful 45 Chair in one of the most exclusive rooms at Hotel Koo.
Pieces to discover

Featured Furniture in this Project

Discover the Finn Juhl pieces that are featured at Hotel Koo. Click through the furniture below to dive into the history behind the creation of the individual pieces and find inspiring, captivating images along with information about different material options and the sizes available.