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Projects | Hotel Villa, Copenhagen

Hotel Villa -
a Reflection of a City

Carrying the history of the Central Post & Telegraph Head Office and dating back to 1912, Hotel Villa Copenhagen is a new social scene in Copenhagen, merging the past, present and future together in an inspiring and playfully designed ambience. The hotel honors the ethos of the old charming Europe expressed in the architectural heritage and combines it with a contemporary and vibrant setting. With 390 carefully renovated rooms, an impressive atrium courtyard, a modern bar, restaurant and rooftop pool, Villa Copenhagen offers an exquisite experience for all senses.

A delicate "office away from home" is created in a luxurious manner with the 109 Chair as the center piece. The chair is in walnut with ‘Flux’ leather upholstery in the colour ‘Light Brown’.
The France Chair in walnut with 'Vidar' upholstery in the colour '1511’. The comfortable lounge chair is found in numerous rooms creating the ideal lounging spot.
The magnificent big glass ceiling in the courtyard. From the courtyard bar you can enjoy light meals, coffee and of course some of Copenhagens best drinks.

Villa Copenhagen is a reflection of a city that exudes sustainability, luxury, happiness and diversity, a city and thereby a hotel with room enough for everyone - both literally and figuratively speaking. Determined to make a difference in the world Villa Copenhagen has made a lot of sustainable decisions throughout the process of building and designing the hotel. It's been a process of restore while protecting the history, not compromising with the absolute luxurious experience Villa Copenhagen wants to provide to the guests. 

Villa Copenhagen have taken the most responsible choice by selection long-lasting quality design everywhere at the hotel.
Two 109 Chairs in walnut upholstered in 'Elegance' leather in the colour 'Black'. The finest spot for a conversation for two in conscious and luxurious surroundings.

The 25 meter lapping pool does not only make you feel good after a plunge or a couple of laps, but also from the fact that it is sustainably heated by the excess heat from Villa's cooling systems. The sustainable heating system means that the temperature in the pool may vary from 28-30 degrees.

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Inspired by grand Copenhagen residences and with an aesthetic note of Vilhelm Hammershøi the rooms of Villa Copenhagen are set to provide a both Danish and European, well-traveled and yet outward looking feel. With 390 rooms, Villa Copenhagen have room for everyone. The tourist coming to explore Copenhagen, the business man or woman who looks for total comfort after a long day, or the Copenhagener, pulling the plug in relaxing, conscious and luxurious settings. 

Location: Tietgensgade 35-39, 1704 Copenhagen

Details of the 109 Chair in walnut with ‘Flux’ leather upholstery in the colour ‘Light Brown’.
Lounge in the Copenhagen sun, enjoy the view of the city or our Hidden Garden, and find yourself mesmerized by the sound of the swirling water.
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Discover the Finn Juhl pieces that are part of the elegant and conscious interior of Hotel Villa Copenhagen. Click through the furniture below to dive into the history behind the creation of the individual pieces and find inspiring, captivating images along with information about different material options and the sizes available.