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You cannot speak the name Finn Juhl, without mentioning some of his popular and iconic sofas. Especially the Poet Sofa springs to mind, as it is one of the most beloved Danish design icons. The sofa was designed in 1941 and was a further development of the groundbreaking Pelican Chair which was unveiled the prior year.

Finn Juhl’s collection of sofas spans from curved and organic designs to stringent and Japanese as well as American-inspired pieces. The Baker Sofa, the 48 Sofa Bench and the Chieftain Sofa are characterized by the uplifted, almost levitating, organic elements despite the three sofas differing wildly in shape. On the contrary, the 57 Sofa, the Japan Sofa Two Seater, the Japan Sofa Three Seater and the 77 Sofa are characterized by their straight lines and a simpler shape. However, Finn Juhl was unwavering in his love for details and even the strictest of his designs enjoyed delicate and sublime detailing. This is expressed by the light curve in the backrest of the Japan Sofa and the wooden toes that elegantly conclude the legs of both the 57 Sofa and the 77 Sofa.

With due respect for the Danish design tradition and craftsmanship alike, the iconic Finn Juhl sofas are still upholstered in Denmark. The frames/legs of the sofas are available in walnut and oak.