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Lounge Chairs

Finn Juhl designed some of the most iconic lounge chairs in Danish design. Especially the Pelican Chair, the 45 Chair and last, but not least, the Chieftain Chair are among the most famous and beloved pieces. Finn Juhl was strongly inspired by modern art when he unveiled the Pelican Chair in 1940. This became a defining moment in his career as the chair did not fit into the Danish design traditions at the time. The overly upholstered, organically shaped lounge chair was born decades ahead of its time and was thus met by heavy criticism. Today, we see the Pelican Chair in modern decorations all over the world. As in 1940, the Pelican is still handstitched in Denmark.

Pieces such as the 45 Chair and the Chieftain Chair proved that Finn Juhl also commanded a unique understanding of shapes when working with wooden furniture. It is hard to imagine another piece of furniture with a degree of detailing as extensive as these two lounge chairs. With their curved and organic details, both lounge chairs lead your thoughts towards the shapes and principles found in nature. The chairs make it evident to everyone that such craftsmanship can only be achieved by uncompromising and experienced joiners.

Even lounge chairs such as the 53 Chair, the France Chair and the Grasshopper Chair, which are among our newer relaunches, are characteristic for Finn Juhl’s daring expression of shapes and special sense of details.