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Finn Juhl designed the colourful patterns for his rugs in 1963. At this time, he was exceedingly inspired by the playfulness of the decade, but the rugs were never entered into production. Finn Juhl’s Circle Rug is available in four colourways and two different sizes. All rugs are hand tufted in rich and looped wool.

Additionally, House of Finn Juhl has introduced three rugs in natural, undyed hand-tufted wool. The three natural versions stand in a calm and warm contrast to Finn Juhl's daring furniture. Finn Juhl's Undyed Circle Rug is monochrome and comes in three gradients: 'Chalk', 'Sandstone' and 'Clay'. The rugs are made from 100% undyed yarn, spun by pure and new wool sorced from New Zealand.