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Among Finn Juhl’s chairs, that function as dining room chairs as well as desk chairs, you will find some of the most famous and iconic Danish designs. With his classical expressions in terms of shape, where he separates the bearing objects from the borne, Finn Juhl designed a range of dining room chairs that did not just fixate on aesthetical aspects, but also focused on comfort. The 108 Chair, the 109 Chair, the Egyptian Chair, the 46 Chair and the 48 Chair all have upholstered seats and backrests, making any meal at the dining table or in a restaurant far more comfortable. The curved shapes of the dining room chairs mean that the body is both being carefully held, all the while freedom of movement is maintained.

As the only chair without an upholstered backrest the Reading Chair serves a very special purpose. The horizontal backpiece can be used as an elbow rest, which has made the simple yet elegant, chair especially ideal as a restaurant chair.

Finn Juhl’s dining room chairs come in an assortment of wood types such as walnut, oak and black painted. Additionally, they can be upholstered in many different types of textiles and leather. The chairs are designed to match multiple Finn Juhl desks such as the Nyhavn Dining Table, Nyhavn Desk, the Silver Table and the Bovirke Table.