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Finn Juhl’s collection of benches all boast classic details, but each in their own manner. The design of the Table Bench draw resemblance to the famous Nyhavn Series, as the steel legs also come in blue, orange or black with wooden toes and a surface made from linoleum or veneer in ash, oak, walnut or Oregon pine. The Table Bench is even available with two solid brass strips, which adds an extra element of elegance and finesse.

Finn Juhl’s Cocktail Bench and 48 Sofa Bench are both organically shaped with soft details such as curved edges and seats. Both pieces are made from solid wood and are available in walnut or oak.

Furthermore, Finn Juhl’s benches are characterized by their multi-purpose nature. Both the Cocktail Bench and the Table Bench can be used as bench and table alike. Leather or fabric cushions can be added to both designs for additional comfort.