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Dining Tables

Finn Juhl’s collection of dining tables is made up of three pull-out tables; the Silver Table, the Bovirke Table and the Nyhavn Dining Table. Each table is designed in a sophisticated and intelligent manner. The Nyhavn Dining Table with its plentiful possibilities, stringent shape and extreme user-friendliness is one of the most popular Finn Juhl pieces. The pull-out characterization is not exactly fitting for the Nyhavn Dining Table as it does not actually extent by being pulled apart. Rather, the table is extended via two pieces that hand vertically on either side whenever the table is not extended. This is an elegant solution that adds a sense of graphical expression to any room, while abolishing the need to store the extension pieces elsewhere.

The Silver Table is one of Finn Juhl’s most exclusive dining table. It impresses in craftsmanship, details and size alike. The Silver Table is available in walnut or oak, with or without sterling silver inlays. In its extended form, the Silver Table measures 310 cm.

The classical Bovirke Dining Table is a small dining table, which hides the extending pieces in the table itself. This feature makes it especially well-suited for a smaller dining room. The Bovirke Dining Table comes in solid wood or with a tabletop in veneer.

All dining tables are produced at our workshop in Ringkøbing, Denmark.