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Projects | Hotel House of Finn Juhl, Hakuba

Hotel House of Finn Juhl Hakuba

House of Finn Juhl Hotel Hakuba is the first of its kind and focuses on combining inspiring Danish interior, organic local products, and the raw Japanese nature. The small town of Hakuba in Nagano, located in a valley surrounded by the Japanese alps, houses the newly renovated Danish/Japanese design hotel. The hotel is decorated entirely with Finn Juhl furniture and offers a unique design experience of the highest quality in the midst of beautiful surroundings and breathtaking nature.

Two France Chairs in leather are paired with the Eye Table to create a small lounge area in the France Room.
Hotel House of Finn Juhl Hakuba is located in a valley surrounded by the Japanese alps.

Design and interior

When entering the hotel, you will be met by Finn Juhl’s organic furniture that takes up the space in every room. The well-known designs are beautifully framed by the black windows and exposed beams which stand in delicate contrast to the light, wooden floors, and white walls. The hotel consists of six double-rooms, a dining hall, several shared lounge areas, and an accompanying bar.

Every detail is well thought through and each room is decorated differently from the others. Each double room is named after the furniture - The Chieftain room, The Poet room, The Japan room, The Pelican room, The 46-room and The France room.

The dining area is comprised of several Nyhavn Dining Tables and comfortable 108 Chairs.
The relaxing lounge area is created with the sculptural Baker Sofa and the 45 Chair.
Hotel House of Finn Juhl Hakuba

Designed as a Home Away from Home

”Our hotel has to be as cozy and comfortable as a home – decorated with Finn Juhl’s organic furniture from basement to attic. In the hotel you are free to serve yourself complimentary local drinks and snacks, produced in the surrounding area. During daytime you can take up a variety of outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, rafting, mountain biking or fishing, depending on the time of year. In the evening you can discover the Japanese rural-cuisine, and at night-time your senses will be pampered by eiderdown duvets, damask linen, and the scent of wood.”

Hans Henrik Sørensen, co-founder of House of Finn Juhl.

The 45 Chair is a true masterpiece and one of Finn Juhl’s most iconic pieces.

In 1998 Nagano hosted the Winter Olympic Games. The area is famous for the heavy powder-snow that falls throughout the three months of winter. Nagano has more than 100 pistes and mountain heights up to 3.000 meters. Outside of the ski season, a plethora of other outdoor activities are available. After a long day of enjoying nature, the hotel will provide you with the perfect homebase for contemplation and peace of mind. Hakuba also offers plenty of opportunities to explore the Japanese rural cuisine. 

How did we settle on Hakuba? Hans Henrik Sørensen elaborates:

 ”As usual, it all started as a friendly conversation with our Japanese partner Okasaki-san. He loves skiing in Hakuba’s world-famous powdersnow. Initially, we had an idea of buying a ski lodge that our friends and family could stay in. However, as we went on a tour of Nagano’s mountains, we came across a hotel just 400 meters from the Olympic ski jumping hill. Ever since we laid eyes on this charming house, it only seemed natural to us that we challenged our original idea. This became the birth of the first ever Finn Juhl hotel.” 

House of Finn Juhl Hakuba

The Vision

In 2001, Finn Juhl’s widow, Hanne Wilhelm Hansen, granted us the rights to produce Finn Juhl’s furniture. Since then we have helped protect and carry on the legacy of Finn Juhl, and today, the furniture is sold all over the world.

The company already has a strong affiliation with Japan, as part of the Finn Juhl range is produced here. The production of Finn Juhl furniture is thus split between the Danish workshops and the Japanese workshop.

The vision for the Finn Juhl work has been even bigger from the onset. That is why stores with an explicit focus on displaying and selling Finn Juhl have opened around the world in recent years. These stores are called House of Finn Juhl. Through House of Finn Juhl we are able to offer people a fully fledged Finn Juhl experience. Finn Juhl did not just design furniture, he designed entire interiors.

Pieces to discover

Featured Furniture in this Project

A wide selection of Finn Juhl pieces are featured at Hotel House of Finn Juhl Hakuba. Click through them all below to dive into the history behind the creation of the individual pieces and find inspiring, captivating images along with information about different material options and the sizes available.