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Finn Juhl’s Glove Cabinet is one of his finest pieces of art, while also blessed with a charming origin story. Until the time of his passing, Finn Juhl was in relationship with the music publisher, Hanne Wilhelm Hansen. She used to attend cocktail parties and would frequently wear long gloves. The cabinet, which exudes simplicity in its closed form and playfulness when open, was designed specifically to store these gloves. The trays are painted in both of the famous Finn Juhl colour schemes, warm and cold alike, that we know from the Nyhavn Desk and the Sideboard. Today, the Glove Cabinet is one of Finn Juhl’s most exclusive pieces – although it probably rarely houses gloves. The drawers are ideal for storing documents and other items of affectionate value.

The Glove Cabinet is produced in solid Japanese cherrywood with brass wheels and drawers painted in Finn Juhl’s warm and cold range of colours.